Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low/black-silver

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The Black Eagle Safety 41 by HAIX is an airy, comfortable and functional shoe which provides total protection for your feet. Featuring a modern design in black with silver elements, it has been specially developed for use in the craft trades and industrial sectors. An antistatic sole insulates against the cold, whilst a highly breathable inner lining and the shoe’s upper material ensure that your feet will not sweat unnecessary. This will leave you feeling fresh, even after a long day spent inside or outdoors. High degree of comfort of wear – on any surface Production workers, joiners, cooks and butchers all need a firm grip during their daily work. The HAIX Black Eagle Safety 41 has a special rubber sole with a deep tread to provide the secure foothold you need, even if it is uneven or slippery underfoot. An light impact-absorbing PU wedge inside the sole cushions your steps as you walk. This reduces the pressure on your joints and spine and makes the shoe a particularly comfortable option. Work clothing also needs to be practical. For this reason, as well as providing a perfect fit, the Black Eagle Safety 41 is quick to put on and take off thanks to a fast fastening system. A focus on health and safety The HAIX Black Eagle Safety 41 is completely metal free. It meets the ESD Standard by offering antistatic properties between 7.5 x 10 5 ohms and 3.5 x 10 7 ohms. This is particularly important in situations where electrostatic loads which could damage or destroy sensitive electronic components need to be avoided, such as on production lines dealing with delicate sensors and micro chips and in paint and varnishing shops. Your feet and toes are protected from falling objects thanks to a special fibre-reinforced plastic cap at the tip of the shoe. This fulfils the very highest safety requirements whilst being significantly lighter and more comfortable than a conventional steel toe cap. Upper material The HAIX Black Eagle Safety 41 is manufactured in a combination of micro fibre and textile and is completely metal free. This material is also extremely breathable and will prevent unnecessary sweating. An anatomically formed protective cap at the tip of the shoe provides robustness, whilst silver elements at the side ensure that you can be seen easily by other persons. The HAIX Smart Lacing System provides a perfect fit and avoids pressure points. It also makes the Black Eagle Safety 41 very quick to put on and take off. Lining, inlays, toe cap The inner lining of the Black Eagle Safety 41 is abrasion resistant and highly breathable.  This provides a long product life and delivers a high degree of comfort of wear. An inlay in the footbed absorbs moisture to ensure that your feet remain dry and fresh, even after highly strenuous activity. A separate heel cup cushions your steps to give extra comfort and offer outstanding toe-to-heel movement. Three different Vario Fit insoles ranging in size from extra narrow to wide enable you to adjust the footbed to suit your individual needs. The inlay may be removed and even washed if required. The Black Eagle Safety 41 is shipped with the red inlay (medium) as standard. Additional Vario Fit inlay soles can be ordered. Sole The antistatic and slip-resistant sole of the Black Eagle Safety 41 has a deep tread to offer you the firmness of grip you need if you work in the craft trades or industrial sector. Like the rest of the shoe, the sole is metal free and ensures that no electrostatic charges can occur. Despite being very light, it is also puncture resistant.  This provides important protection should you step on any sharp articles. The sole also provides outstanding insulation against the cold. Your feet will not freeze whilst you are working outside. Oil and petrol cannot penetrate. The sole is also colour fast. This means that it leaves no ugly marks on light-coloured floors. The Black Eagle Safety 41 by HAIX is a light and modern safety shoe which provides maximum protection to tradesmen and industrial workers. It is a comfortable option which provides a perfect fit to leave your feet feeling good even after a strenuous day at work. Try out this highly functional shoe now.

Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low/black-silver


Your job keeps you busy. Your Black Eagle Safety 41.1 is with you – sporty and breathable.

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Antistatic thanks to ESD

* Prices incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs.


* Prices incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs.

Art.: 610003
  • Antistatic thanks to ESD Antistatic thanks to ESD
  • Metal-free Metal-free
  • Robust thanks to protective cap Robust thanks to protective cap
  • Breathable thanks to textile upper Breathable thanks to textile upper
  • Particularly slip resistant Particularly slip resistant
  • Made in Europe Made in Europe

Highest safety for doers

Sporty, highly breathable without membrane, with lightweight composite cap. This is your BLACK EAGLE SAFETY 41.1.

Antistatic thanks to ESD

With the Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low, you’ll feel pleasantly safe even when working with electronic components, because the Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low is electrostatically dissipative. This is ensured by ESD in accordance with DIN-EN 61340-5.

Resistant thanks to protective cap

The Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low is built to withstand the rigours of your workday: ideal for rough-and-tumble work. The protective cap is an outer cap that guarantees longer life for your shoe, as it provides additional protection and maximum resistance to abrasion.

Safety class S1P

Closed heel area, protective toe cap, puncture protection, antistatic, energy absorption capacity in the heel area and fuel resistance. Your Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low meets the requirements of safety class S1P.

Secure hold thanks to anti-slip

The Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low gives you stability in every position. To protect you against skidding, the sole of the Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low with its special rubber compound and innovative tread construction offers extremely high slip resistance and grip on a wide variety of surfaces.

Perfect comfort for hard working days

Lightweight, with a high microfibre/textile content and metal-free, your BLACK EAGLE SAFETY 41.1 low fits you perfectly

Metal-free design ensures you can sail through every security check

The Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low is completely metal-free and therefore ideal for your job in security areas. Annoying beeping in the vicinity of the control systems is now a thing of the past.

Breathable thanks to textile upper

Your Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low with textile upper lets your foot breathe because it is permeable to water vapour and wicks moisture to the outside. This is ensured by the use of the finely processed microfibre fabric.

Quickly laced up with a robust strap – the Smart Lacing System

The Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low can be put on and taken off in no time at all, and its robust lacing system can withstand the hectic pace of everyday life. The Smart Lacing system is smooth and allows a pressure-free adjustment of the shoe to your foot.

Precise fit thanks to special lasts

The right shoe for your feet. Thanks to specially designed lasts, your Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low fits perfectly and provides ultimate wearing comfort, the whole day long.

Your shoe from every angle

The hard facts

HAIX Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low/black-silver

Article no. 610003

Electrically dissipative
Protective cap
certified for orthopedic insoles
Metal Free
CE EN ISO 20345:2011 S1P HRO HI SRC
Height in cm:
7,5 cm
Upper material:
Cut protection class:
no cut protection
Safety classification:
fast lacing
water resistant
Weight per shoe:

Your questions,
our honest answers

Different insoles are available for Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low to increase or reduce the volume in the shoe. For this purpose, we have developed a slightly thicker insole for narrow feet and a slightly thinner insole for wider feet.

Our Vario-Wide-Fit-System allows you to adjust the volume in the shoe.

The Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low has been tested according to the standard DGUV 112-191 (BGR 191) and is therefore approved for orthopaedic insoles.

This allows the Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low to be adapted even more optimally to the foot and to support its anatomical structure.

The Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low is a classic for all those who do not want to compromise on quality. It effortlessly combines the highest safety requirements with outstanding comfort and modern design. For those who work indoors and outdoors in not-so-demanding conditions.

Particularly popular with production workers, architects and site managers.

The Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low is even more breathable than the Black Eagle Safety 40.1 low. In this model we have deliberately dispensed with the GORE-TEX® membrane in order to make the shoe even more airy.

A shoe that allows the foot to breathe optimally.

The Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low has a quick-release fastener with which the lacing can be quickly fixed. The lacing is easily tucked away in the flap, so that the hold is guaranteed during the working day.

The Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low can be put on and taken off quickly and easily, so that the focus can be fully placed on the work.

You can find all the right spare parts for our shoes on our spare parts page.

We produce in a UK shoe size system. The distance between our half UK sizes is only a few millimetres. This makes it more likely to find exactly the right shoe length.

Half UK sizes differ in length by only a few millimetres.

You can simply wash the dirty shoes with water and a brush. Please do not dry the wet shoes (even if they are wet on the inside) on an open fire, a hot stove or a heater. This will change the shape of the shoe. Simply remove the footbed and stuff the shoes with newspaper or use a shoe tree. Then allow the shoes to air dry slowly. We recommend washing the footbed regularly at 30°. In general, it is best to remove the footbed from the shoes after every wear to ensure optimal re-drying.

Simply clean it with a brush and water and let it air dry.

From experience, the Black Eagle Safety 41.1 low is a normal size. We therefore recommend that you choose the usual size.

Experience has shown that the shoe fits normally.

HAIX shoes are 100% Made in Europe. For us, this is not just lip service, but lived practice. When it says "Made in Europe" on a HAIX shoe, we assure you that it was made exclusively at our production sites in Mainburg and Mala Subotica, Croatia. Both plants are among the most modern shoe manufacturing facilities in the world.

By the way: "Made in Europe" is not only a promise of quality for us, but also stands for good working conditions, equal opportunities, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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