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Upper Nubuck leather, hydrophobic, breathable, 2.0 - 2.2 mm thick Inner lining GORE-TEX® Extended; waterproof and highly breathable. Abrasion-resistant lining with highest climate comfort, designed for flexible use between indoors and outdoors and for warmer temperatures. Insole Comfortable, cushioning and moisture-wicking. Separate heel cup provides good cushioning and foot guidance. HAIX® Absorption Cushioning with cushioning wedge incorporated into the sole. Outsole Rubber/PU sole with proven street/terrain tread, abrasion-resistant and slip-resistant. Optimal tread and rolling behaviour due to sporty toe and heel bounce. Fuel resistant, non-marking, excellent cold and heat insulation. According to EN ISO 20347:2012. HAIX® Vario Wide Fit System The shoe can be individually adjusted in width thanks to 3 different insoles. The red insole (medium) is supplied with the shoe. An insole in yellow (wide) and blue (narrow) can be ordered separately. HAIX® Anti Slip Very good grip on different terrain, even in cold conditions, due to the tread design and the special rubber used. HAIX® Climate System The HAIX® Climate System uses the pumping movement that occurs when walking to transport moisture to the outside via the Micro-Dry lining on the collar. HAIX® CO System DGUV regulation 112-191 (BGR 191) Pressure relief, cushioning, correction of foot position, body alignment and muscle balance. Other Very good heat and cold insulation, additional heel protection, closed lacing system.



Your stylish companion on your next hiking tour: XVENTURE GTX

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Durably waterproof

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Prices incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs.

Art.: 206501
  • Durably waterproof Durably waterproof
  • Particularly slip resistant Particularly slip resistant
  • Relieving damping Relieving damping
  • 2-zone-lacing 2-zone-lacing
  • Resolable Resolable
  • Made in Europe Made in Europe

Höchste Funktionen für Abenteurer

The non-slip sole ensures safe walking and prevents tripping.

Waterproof thanks to GORE-TEX®

Your feet stay dry and you stay healthy because the XVENTURE GTX is permanently waterproof and extremely breathable. This is ensured by the three-layer GORE-TEX® membrane throughout the lining of the XVENTURE GTX .

High quality and light

Your XVENTURE GTX is made of high-quality nubuck leather. This means your XVENTURE GTX not only has an elegant look, but is also lightweight yet robust.

Secure hold thanks to anti-slip

The XVENTURE GTX gives you stability in every position. To protect you against skidding, the sole of the XVENTURE GTX with its special rubber compound and innovative tread construction offers extremely high slip resistance and grip on a wide variety of surfaces.

Extra Komfort für den Einsatz in der Freizeit

GORE TEX® membrane and hydrophobic leather protect you from wet feet.

Relieving cushioning with HAIX absorption

You'll experience a comfortable feel in the XVENTURE GTX even when you're out for several hours. Because the integrated cushioning wedge inside cushions your steps. We call this HAIX Absorption: for drive even on long working days.

Optimal hold thanks to 2-zone lacing

The XVENTURE GTX adapts perfectly to your foot in both the instep and the shaft area, so that it offers you optimal support. This is ensured by 2-Zone Lacing, an innovative 2-zone lacing system for foot and upper.

Precise fit thanks to special lasts

The right shoe for your feet. Thanks to specially designed lasts, your XVENTURE GTX fits perfectly and provides ultimate wearing comfort, the whole day long.

The hard facts


Article no. 206501

Relieving damping
Height in cm:
16,0 cm
Upper material:
Nubuk leather
Safety classification:
no safety class
2 zone lacing
Leather thickness:
2,0 - 2,2

Your questions,
our honest answers

Different insoles are available for XVENTURE GTX to increase or reduce the volume in the shoe. For this purpose, we have developed a slightly thicker insole for narrow feet and a slightly thinner insole for wider feet.

Our Vario-Wide-Fit-System allows you to adjust the volume in the shoe.

The XVENTURE GTX is an all-season model, so it can be worn both in summer and winter. The shoe is breathable and waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane. With the help of our Climate System, moisture is transported from the inside of the shoe to the ventilation openings. This prevents sweat from accumulating, especially in the warmer months.

The XVENTURE GTX defies both colder and warmer temperatures.

The XVENTURE GTX can be cared for quickly and easily. With colourless, grease-free shoe polish for suede and nubuck leather, which does not affect the breathability of the leather or the colour of the shoe, and a waterproofing agent, the shoe is cared for.

The uncomplicated XVENTURE GTX ensures long-lasting enjoyment of the shoe's quality.

Thanks to the two-zone lacing of the XVENTURE GTX , the lacing can be quickly fixed and the shoe can be optimally adjusted to the foot. The lacing is first adjusted and fixed in the instep area and can then be variably adjusted in the shaft area. This combination provides support and stability.

The XVENTURE GTX can be put on and taken off quickly and easily, so that the focus can be fully on the work.

Erfahrungsgemäß fällt der XVENTURE GTX normal aus. Wir empfehlen daher, die gängige Größe zu wählen.

Der Schuh fällt erfahrungsgemäß normal aus.

Alle passende Ersatzteile für unsere Schuhe findest du auf unserer Ersatzteile-Seite.

Wir produzieren in einem UK-Schuhgrößensystem. Der Abstand zwischen unseren halben UK-Größen liegt bei nur wenigen Millimetern. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist dadurch höher, genau die passende Schuhlänge zu finden.

Halbe UK-Größen unterscheiden sich um nur wenige Millimeter in der Länge.

Du kannst die verschmutzten Schuhe einfach mit Wasser und einer Bürste abwaschen. Die nassen Schuhe (auch wenn sie innen nass sind) bitte nicht am offenen Feuer, am heißen Ofen oder an der Heizung „schnelltrocknen“. Der Schuh verändert sich dadurch in seiner Form. Entferne einfach das Fußbett und stopfe die Schuhe mit Zeitungspapier aus oder verwende einen Schuhspanner. Danach die Schuhe luftig und langsam trocknen lassen. Wir empfehlen, das Fußbett regelmäßig bei 30° zu waschen. Generell solltest Du das Fußbett am besten nach jedem Tragen aus den Schuhen entfernen, um eine optimale Rücktrockung zu gewährleisten.

Ganz umkompliziert mit einer Bürste sowie Wasser reinigen und lufttrocknen lassen.

HAIX shoes are 100% Made in Europe. For us, this is not just lip service, but lived practice. When it says "Made in Europe" on a HAIX shoe, we assure you that it was made exclusively at our production sites in Mainburg and Mala Subotica, Croatia. Both plants are among the most modern shoe manufacturing facilities in the world.

By the way: "Made in Europe" is not only a promise of quality for us, but also stands for good working conditions, equal opportunities, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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