Fire Flash Gamma

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The Fire Flash Gamma by HAIX is an indestructible professional boot designed for use by fire fighters and members of the emergency and rescue services. Made of robust, watertight bull leather, it offers outstanding insulation against extreme temperatures and a high degree of comfort. The Fire Flash Gamma is suitable for a multitude of different types of deployment, including tackling vehicle, forest fires and pumping out cellars.  Freedom of movement and a good feeling of security The HAIX Fire Flash Gamma has been designed to remain snugly fitting and comfortable, even after hours of wear. No pressure points or strain on the joints will arise, and your foot position will also be corrected. An anatomically formed footbed, a soft inner lining and an individually adjustable lacing system all help to create a good feeling of security.  These boots can also be laced differently depending on the width of the wearer’s calves and feet. A heel rounding and a special curved inlay in the instep area guarantee freedom of movement for fire fighters deployed over a wide range of terrains. Extremely heat resistant The HAIX Fire Flash Gamma is labelled with the F2A pictogram. This means that it fulfils the basic requirements of Type 2 fire brigade safety footwear and is suitable for both outdoor use and for tackling fires in buildings and vehicles. Heat insulation properties correspond to level HI3 (250 degrees for 40 minutes). This is the highest value that can be accorded to a fire brigade boot. Upper material The HAIX Fire Flash Gamma is manufactured in robust yet highly breathable black bull leather. The material used is about 2.5 millimetres thick and has been hydrophobised and thus rendered watertight. It offers class two cut protection, i.e. your feet will be safe against a chainsaw speed of 24 m/s.  Special pigments in the leather reflect the sun’s rays. This means that less warmth is transported to your feet because the boot does not overheat. A rubber toe cap extends product lifetime by preventing damage to the leather. The HAIX Fire Flash Gamma also has fire resistant laces which are concealed behind a zipped leather inlay. The lacing system itself is set and fixed the first time the boots are worn. This subsequently ensures that they can be put on and taken off extremely quickly. Lining, inlays, toe cap Several internal layers of GORE-TEX® membrane guarantee dry feet by making it impossible for any water to penetrate from the outside. The HAIX Fire Flash Gamma also offers enhanced protection against chemicals. At the same time, the GORE-TEX® layers also allow moisture to escape. The pumping movement generated as you walk along transports sweat to special openings at the shaft and tongue. A highly abrasion-resistant lining features an inner layer of fleece to offer perfect climate comfort. The boot’s fleece insole and inlays also help to absorb moisture. The inlays are fast drying and can also be removed and washed if required. An anatomically shaped and padded toe cap provides plenty of room and total protection at the front end. An integrated heel rounding offers greater freedom of movement when you are involved in difficult deployments. The HAIX Fire Flash Gamma provides outstanding insulation against heat and cold and is suitable for use in any weather conditions. Sole A colour-fast slip-resistant rubber shell sole protects the HAIX Fire Flash Gamma from below. A deep rung-shaped tread makes this boot an ideal option for any terrain as well as helping with the climbing of ladders. The sole is resistant to high and low temperatures and to moisture. In winter, the material used in the sole’s construction remains elastic and flexible and will not harden. The sole of the HAIX Fire Flash Gamma has anti-static properties and is resistant to oil and petrol. Interior PU foam provides additional insulation against extreme temperatures and  also delivers a shock-absorbing effect to reduce any strain on the joints. Wearing these boots is like walking across a soft mat. The sole is puncture-resistant and will protect you against any potential injuries caused by sharp objects underfoot such as shards of glass or nails. The Fire Flash Gamma provides protection against extreme temperatures, is resistant to liquids such as water, oil and petrol and offers safety and security across uneven ground. Discover the benefits of this comfortable and durable HAIX fire brigade boot for yourself now.

Fire Flash Gamma


Full focus on your mission. Your FIRE FLASH Gamma with cut protection will help you.

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Cut protection class 2

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Prices incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs.

Art.: 503005
  • Cut protection class 2 Cut protection class 2
  • Durably waterproof Durably waterproof
  • Protective sole (steel) Protective sole (steel)
  • Breathable Breathable
  • Resolable Resolable
  • Made in Europe Made in Europe

Highest safety for heroes

Your FIRE FLASH Gamma with cut protection class 2 gives you the highest level of protection on every mission.

Certified cut protection level 2

Your Fire Flash Gamma meets the cut protection class Level 2. This means your feet are safe from chainsaw cuts at a running speed of up to 24m/s.

Puncture-resistant thanks to protective sole (steel)

With your Fire Flash Gamma you can walk safely over hill and dale, because the integrated steel sole offers even safer protection against sharp objects than textile soles.

Shockproof thanks to Protective steel toe cap

The integrity of your feet is essential. The Fire Flash Gamma therefore features a protective cap made of shock-resistant steel. The Protective steel toe cap is anatomically shaped and meets the highest safety requirements.

The standard for your deployment

What is your field of activity? Do you work in technical assistance, fire-fighting, or maybe even with hazardous substances? The DIN EN 15090:2012 standard describes the shoes you need.

Perfect comfort for all operations

You fit your FIRE FLASH Gamma to your foot only once. Then it fits like a glove every time you use it.

Waterproof thanks to GORE-TEX®

Your feet stay dry and you stay healthy because the Fire Flash Gamma is permanently waterproof and extremely breathable. This is ensured by the three-layer GORE-TEX® membrane throughout the lining of the Fire Flash Gamma.

Breathable with Climate System

In the Fire Flash Gamma your foot can breathe, because a special foam system ensures that the air circulates in the shoe and moisture can escape. The Climate System works like an air conditioning system in a shoe.

Perfect fit thanks to flexible Lacing System

Your Fire Flash Gamma fits perfectly, because with the practical combination of zip and lacing you only have to adjust the Fire Flash Gamma to your foot once. The result: optimal hold thanks to the Lacing System.

Precise fit thanks to special lasts

The right shoe for your feet. Thanks to specially designed lasts, your Fire Flash Gamma fits perfectly and provides ultimate wearing comfort, the whole day long.

Your shoe from every angle

The hard facts

HAIX Fire Flash Gamma

Article no. 503005

Puncture protection
certified for orthopedic insoles
DIN EN ISO 15090
Cut protection level 2
CE 0197 EN 15090:2012 HI3 CI SRC - Typ F2A, CE EN ISO 17249:2013 - Level 2
Height in cm:
28,0 cm
Upper material:
Electrically dissipative:
Cut protection class:
class 2
Safety classification:
Type F2A, Type HI3 - inside & outside firefighting
waterproof through Gore-Tex
Weight per shoe:
Leather thickness:
2,5 - 2,7
Firefighter's boot height:
Design D

Your questions,
our honest answers

Different insoles are available for Fire Flash Gamma to increase or reduce the volume in the shoe. For this purpose, we have developed a slightly thicker insole for narrow feet and a slightly thinner insole for wider feet.

Our Vario-Wide-Fit-System allows you to adjust the volume in the shoe.

The Fire Flash Gamma has been tested according to the standard DGUV 112-191 (BGR 191) and is therefore approved for orthopaedic insoles.

This allows the Fire Flash Gamma to be adapted even more optimally to the foot and to support its anatomical structure.

The Fire Flash Gamma meets all the requirements of the S3 classification. The puncture-resistant sole and protective toe cap protect against external influences. However, as the shoe is certified according to the fire brigade standard DIN EN 15090, it cannot be designated as an S3 shoe.

The Fire Flash Gamma meets the requirements, but is not S3 certified due to the fire brigade standard.

The Fire Flash Gamma is equipped with cut protection. This means that you can safely work with chain saws that have a running speed of 24 m per second.

Get full focus on the job with Fire Flash Gamma with unlimited protection.

The Fire Flash Gamma, unlike the other two models, is equipped with cut protection. It's also cut a little higher and is made with a thicker, more durable leather than the Special Fighter Pro.

The Fire Flash Gamma is a robust, higher cut firefighting boot with cut protection.

The Fire Flash Gamma can be cared for quickly and easily. With black shoe polish, which does not impair the breathability of the leather, and a waterproofing agent, the shoe is ready for any weather. For this model, we especially recommend our black shoe polish, which contains Sun Reflect pigments. This minimises the heating of the shoe by 20%.

The uncomplicated care of the Fire Flash Gamma ensures long-lasting enjoyment of the shoe's quality.

Der Fire Flash Gamma kann sowohl im Innen- als auch im Außeneinsatz eingesetzt werden. Nach der Feuerwehrnorm DIN EN 15090 zertifiziert, erfüllt der Fire Flash Gamma die höchsten Sicherheitsanforderungen zur Brandbekämpfung.

Für alle, die drinnen und draußen unter herausfordernden Bedingungen arbeiten.

Erfahrungsgemäß fällt der Fire Flash Gamma normal aus. Wir empfehlen daher, die gängige Größe zu wählen.

Der Schuh fällt erfahrungsgemäß normal aus.

Alle passende Ersatzteile für unsere Schuhe findest du auf unserer Ersatzteile-Seite.

Wir produzieren in einem UK-Schuhgrößensystem. Der Abstand zwischen unseren halben UK-Größen liegt bei nur wenigen Millimetern. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist dadurch höher, genau die passende Schuhlänge zu finden.

Halbe UK-Größen unterscheiden sich um nur wenige Millimeter in der Länge.

Du kannst die verschmutzten Schuhe einfach mit Wasser und einer Bürste abwaschen. Die nassen Schuhe (auch wenn sie innen nass sind) bitte nicht am offenen Feuer, am heißen Ofen oder an der Heizung „schnelltrocknen“. Der Schuh verändert sich dadurch in seiner Form. Entferne einfach das Fußbett und stopfe die Schuhe mit Zeitungspapier aus oder verwende einen Schuhspanner. Danach die Schuhe luftig und langsam trocknen lassen. Wir empfehlen, das Fußbett regelmäßig bei 30° zu waschen. Generell solltest Du das Fußbett am besten nach jedem Tragen aus den Schuhen entfernen, um eine optimale Rücktrockung zu gewährleisten.

Ganz umkompliziert mit einer Bürste sowie Wasser reinigen und lufttrocknen lassen.

HAIX shoes are 100% Made in Europe. For us, this is not just lip service, but lived practice. When it says "Made in Europe" on a HAIX shoe, we assure you that it was made exclusively at our production sites in Mainburg and Mala Subotica, Croatia. Both plants are among the most modern shoe manufacturing facilities in the world.

By the way: "Made in Europe" is not only a promise of quality for us, but also stands for good working conditions, equal opportunities, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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