HAIX Scout

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  • Waterproof and highly breathable
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Good toe-to-heel movement
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HAIX Scout

Puncture protection:
Upper material:
Height in cm:
17,0 cm
Electrically dissipative:
Waterproof: waterproof through Gore-Tex
Protective cap: no
certified for orthopedic insoles: yes
Safety classification: O2
Cut protection class: no cut protection
Leather thickness: 1,9 - 2,1
Fastener: 2 zone fast lacing
Weight: 770 Gram
As the name suggests, the HAIX Scout is a trekking boot which is aimed at anyone who is involved... more
Product information "HAIX Scout"

As the name suggests, the HAIX Scout is a trekking boot which is aimed at anyone who is involved in exploring the great outdoors. It is suitable for professional or leisure use in various terrain.

A rubber Vibram sole ensures slip resistance on stony ground, icy roads or the muddy forest floor. This is a particularly robust and hard-wearing boot which extends beyond the ankle up to a height of 17 centimetres. This protects the joints and avoids the danger of twists and strains in the woods or mountains.

Like walking on cotton wool

Hiking tours and mountain trips are usually of several hours’ duration. HAIX knows the importance of a boot in which you can walk comfortably. The Scout features an integrated PU foam layer to cushion your steps. Its tread also facilitates optimum toe-to-heel movement.

This is also a boot which is extremely quick to put on. The laces are fastened with a plastic clip rather than by making a knot and a bow and are then stored away in a practical side pocket. This means that they cannot catch on any branches or on any other objects that may be lying around.

Upper material

  • The HAIX Scout is manufactured in hydrophobised nubuck leather. This is a material which is water repellent, highly breathable and particularly robust.
  • Rubber elements are added to the toe and heel sections to help prevent wear and tear.
  • A practical two-zone lacing system enables you to achieve different tightness levels in the foot and calf areas to ensure a perfect individual fit.
  • A quick fastening system makes the HAIX Scout particularly easy to put on.
  • There is also a small pocket on the side to hold your laces secure.

Inner lining and inlays

  • The pores of the GORE-TEX® membrane are small enough to prevent any drops of water from penetrating into your boot. Sweat, however, is expelled.
  • The inner lining of the HAIX Scout is abrasion resistant and guarantees ease of wearing in both hot and cold conditions. This makes the Scout a particularly good option for those who work both indoors and outside.
  • There is a special inlay to absorb sweat, which can be removed and washed as and when necessary.
  • A fleece insole also absorbs moisture.


  • The Vibram sole used in the Scout has been specially developed for mountainous terrain and therefore offers a high degree of slip resistance.
  • The shape and height of the tread ensure a firm foothold on stony and rocky ground.
  • The sole is resistant against heat and cold.
  • It prevents penetration of oil or petrol into your boots as well as discharging electrostatic loads to ensure that no sparks are generated and that no fire can occur should there be any contact with flammable materials.

The HAIX Scout is equally suited to leisure and work use and provides comfort and safety when exploring any terrain. This is a robust trekking boot which will keep your feet dry, even after hours spent hiking through the rain and sludge. Try it out now!

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