HAIX Airpower X21 high

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CE EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 CI WR SRB
Puncture protection:
Upper material:
Height in cm:
18,0 cm
Electrically dissipative:
Waterproof: waterproof through Gore-Tex
Protective cap: yes
certified for orthopedic insoles: no
Safety classification: S3
Cut protection class: no cut protection
Leather thickness: 2,0 - 2,2
Fastener: Classic lacing
Weight: 908 Gram
The Airpower X21 High by HAIX is a robust specialist boot which provides comfort all day long.... more
Product information "HAIX Airpower X21 high"

The Airpower X21 High by HAIX is a robust specialist boot which provides comfort all day long. An anti-slip sole featuring a deep tread and an extra-high shaft ensures a firm foothold for a range of professional workers, such as police officers on duty or forestry workers. GORE-TEX® material which is both waterproof and highly breathable protects your feet against mud, water and snow. This is a boot which can be worn all year round. During the winter, a specially designed sole insulates you against the cold. In the summer, a fast-drying inlay absorbs sweat to keep your feet feeling fresh on the hottest of days.

Robust and comfortable

The Airpower X21 High von HAIX is particularly suitable for those who need to spend long periods on their feet during the course of work, such as police officers, forestry workers and tradesmen. An impact-absorbing wedge contained within the heel cushions your steps as you go to guarantee that your boots will remain light and comfortable to wear, even after a long day. Anatomically formed lasts are used in the manufacturing process to ensure that no undue pressure is placed on the joints. The balls of the feet and the toes enjoy plenty of room at the front of the boot. This provides a particular degree of comfort as well as promoting the right toe-to-heel movement.

Designed to be worn all year round

The HAIX Airpower X21 High is a boot which can be worn throughout the year. During the winter, an insulating and anti-slip sole guarantees warm feet and a secure foothold, even in icy temperatures. Several layers of GORE-TEX® membrane prevent penetration of water, ice or snow. This means that you feet will remain pleasantly dry whilst you are working outdoors. A fleece insole absorbs sweat, which is then expelled via the shaft and a special GORE-TEX® membrane. This delivers an excellent level of breathability and also ensures that your feet will not sweat unnecessary or overheat during warm weather conditions.

An extra-high shaft guarantees a firm grip in any situation and prevents you from going over on your ankle during strenuous manoeuvres. It also protects your feet and the sensitive ankle area from falling objects when, for example, you are out on duty as a police officer or working in a forest environment.

Upper material

  • The Airpower X21 High is manufactured with watertight and breathable black leather. This material is impervious to liquids and will keep your feet dry.

  • Special pigments in the leather reflect the sun's rays and stop the shoe from heating up unnecessarily in the summer months.

  • A broad additional cap at the tip of the boot protects your toes and provides a particular degree of robustness.

  • A soft cuff at the shaft means that the Airpower X21 High will not create any pressure points or rub on your legs.

Lining, inlays, toe cap

  • Four layers of GORE-TEX® make the HAIX Airpower X21 High both waterproof and breathable during all the seasons of the year.

  • The footbed adjusts to fit the natural shape of your feet. Although plenty of room is provided for the toes and the balls of the feet, the heel area is narrower. This guarantees a firm grip, protects the ankles and helps prevent any malposition.

  • The lining includes a particularly abrasion-resistant inner layer of fleece and makes the boot particularly durable.

  • A fast-drying anatomically formed inlay also helps to absorb moisture. The insole can be removed and even washed if required.

  • A padded toe cap shields you against falling objects or other kinds of impact.


  • The sole of the HAIX Airpower X21 High is manufactured in abrasion-resistant TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) in order to insulate your feet against the cold.

  • A robust tread provides a high degree of slip resistance, even on icy ground, uneven roads and out in the field.

  • The outsole is impervious to oil and petrol. It is also colour fast and will not leave any ugly dark marks on light surfaces.

  • Anti-puncture protection helps that your foot will remain uninjured if you step on sharp objects such as a nail or a shard of glass.

  • An impact-absorbing wedge integrated into the sole cushions every step as you walk to decrease pressure on the joints and spine.

The HAIX Airpower X21 High is a comfortable and light boot which has been designed with police officers and forestry workers in mind. It is also an extremely robust option for those working in other professions. Try out this weatherproof and multifunctional shoe for yourself now!

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